Haein Song is an artist working primarily with books as her medium and a fellow of Designer Bookbinders.

She uses traditional bookbinding techniques to create unique or limited edition books, while employing a variety of printmaking methods (including linocut, drypoint, photopolymer etching, cyanotype and monoprint) for artist's books and for the endpapers of the fine bindings.

With a strong interest in the physicality of making and understanding the process of making, she explores qualities of transience, fragility, intangibility and absurdity in both the concept and aesthetic of her work.

Her artist's books and fine bindings are held in many private collections in the UK and USA, and in public collections including British Library (UK), Wellcome Collection (UK), Library of Congress (USA), Stanford University (USA), Yale University (USA), Harvard University (USA), Amherst College (USA) and Morgan Library (USA).

Born in Seoul, South Korea, she now lives and works in London, UK.